From thumps, clicks, crackles to broadband hiss and distortion, we have the tools and experience to restore your material to pristine condition. A 'perfect' recording marred by an unwanted noise can be saved, without affecting the performance itself.


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Or, if you have old recordings that are difficult to play, or are too fragile or valuable to play, we can “reformat” (transfer) your existing audio recordings to a modern format in order to extend their life and allow you to continue enjoying them.

Whether it be 78rpm or vinyl records, reel to reel tape, cassette or exotic professional formats, we can help.

Sonovo has been responsible for the transfer of thousands of LP’s, 78 rpm records and tapes, preserving their legacy for future generations.
As one of our customers said it:
"The results were amazing... the noise removal was like magic and we're very happy with how everything sounds!"
                                                        - referring to a transfer and cleanup from acetate discs to CD

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