Terms & Conditions for Disc pressing

Including CD, LP, DVD & BluRay Disc production via Optimal Media, Germany.

Prices & payment
All prices are stated in NOK and do not include 25% VAT or freight. Due to the routines employed by our subcontractor, the production costs are due in advance, with actual production commencing once payment has been received by the plant in Germany. Please note that transfer takes between 3-4 business days from when we receive payment. For past due amounts there will be levied a late-payment interest of 12% p.a. Sonovo retains full rights to all material that has not been paid in full.

Delivery time
Normally will be between 10-14 working days but can vary due to a multitude of factors. Sonovo is not responsible for expenses or losses due to delayed delivery.

Quantity variance
For CD pressing, customers accept a variance of ±10% per order, without recompense or legal ramifications.

Customers are responsible for keeping all necessary backups and copies prior to delivery to Sonovo. Sonovo is not responsible for storage, archiving or backup copies of customers materials. Customers are also completely responsible for ensuring that all material delivered is in accordance with the guidelines laid out by Optimal. Templates and technical requirements may be found on the website:

Sonovo strives for the highest quality possible, both technically and sonic quality. In the event that the customer is not satisfied, a written complaint explaining the issue must be provided as soon as possible, but not later than 10 days from receiving the material. Customers are responsible for examining the products received. In the event a product is used commercially or sold, it is considered automatically accepted and approved.

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