What is Mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the production of audio, be it for CD, LP, DVD, Blu-ray or cinema. Our job is to make things sound their best, both individually and in context. Mastering provides the last quality control evaluation before manufacturing and serves as the link between the artistic and technical elements of a production.

Experience Counts: Owning a nice saw doesn't make you a carpenter anymore than buying wrenches make you a mechanic - having all the audio gear in the world doesn't guarantee a good sounding master. Money can buy you gear, but can't buy you experience. At Sonovo we have the experience, ears, and gear to make your project sound its best.
You can't fix it if you can't hear it: Sonovo has an ideal listening environment and equipment to enhance the sonic subtleties of the material.
Communication is key: We work in a dialogue with the artist and producer to ensure that our work furthers their artistic vision.
Quality is king: At Sonovo we value quality, working at the highest resolutions possible to preserve all nuances of our client's material, and are unique in providing our clients a High Resolution Reference (HRR) of their master. This custom delivery system is based on award-winning Amarra Music Player by Sonic Studio, and allows you to audition your material at the highest studio resolutions available.

Be prepared! Click here to download our mastering checklist.

For experienced artists or those who want great mastering with the extra level of service and attention you expect from Sonovo.

Looking for great mastering at budget rates?
Our "Indie Hero" package is especially tailored for up-and-coming artists.

Sonovo's main room was designed by Tom Jouanjean of
Northward Acoustics (Brussels). Monitoring consists of Magnepan MG3.6R powered by custom 700W Hexateq monoblocks with class D amplification modules from Hypex. Our DAW of choice is Sonic Studio soundBlade with full NoNoise 2 and other options. For analogue playback a Studer A80 Mk II and a Michell Gyrodec with custom arm and a choice of pickups are available, with Graham Slee Projects Era Gold Reflex RIAA. We use a custom made Crookwood Mastering Console to handle stereo and 5.1 signal routing. Mastering tools include the latest from API, Manley, Crane Song, Weiss, SPL, Mytek, Dorrough, Fred Forssell, Millenia Media and others.

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